Example #1
// IncreaseParallelism sets the parallelism.
// By default, RocksDB uses only one background thread for flush and
// compaction. Calling this function will set it up such that total of
// `total_threads` is used. Good value for `total_threads` is the number of
// cores. You almost definitely want to call this function if your system is
// bottlenecked by RocksDB.
func (opts *Options) IncreaseParallelism(total_threads int) {
	C.rocksdb_options_increase_parallelism(opts.c, C.int(total_threads))
Example #2
func (o *Options) IncreaseParallelism(n int) {
	C.rocksdb_options_increase_parallelism(o.Opt, C.int(n))