Example #1
// OpenAfterPrecomputation performs the same actions as Open, but takes a
// shared key as generated by Precompute.
func OpenAfterPrecomputation(out, box []byte, nonce *[24]byte, sharedKey *[32]byte) ([]byte, bool) {
	return secretbox.Open(out, box, nonce, sharedKey)
Example #2
// Open authenticates and decrypts a box produced by Seal and appends the
// message to out, which must not overlap box. The output will be Overhead
// bytes smaller than box.
func Open(out, box []byte, nonce *[24]byte, peersPublicKey, privateKey *[32]byte) ([]byte, bool) {
	var sharedKey [32]byte
	Precompute(&sharedKey, peersPublicKey, privateKey)
	return secretbox.Open(out, box, nonce, &sharedKey)