Example #1
// Takes a registers a
// SetMetricFamilyInjectionHook.
func NewTextFileCollector() (Collector, error) {
	if *textFileDirectory == "" {
		// This collector is enabled by default, so do not fail if
		// the flag is not passed.
		log.Infof("No directory specified, see --textfile.directory")
	} else {

	return &textFileCollector{}, nil
Example #2
func main() {

	if *showVersion {
		fmt.Fprintln(os.Stdout, version.Print("pushgateway"))

	log.Infoln("Starting pushgateway", version.Info())
	log.Infoln("Build context", version.BuildContext())

	flags := map[string]string{}
	flag.VisitAll(func(f *flag.Flag) {
		flags[f.Name] = f.Value.String()

	ms := storage.NewDiskMetricStore(*persistenceFile, *persistenceInterval)
	// Enable collect checks for debugging.
	// prometheus.EnableCollectChecks(true)

	r := httprouter.New()
	r.Handler("GET", *metricsPath, prometheus.Handler())

	// Handlers for pushing and deleting metrics.
	r.PUT("/metrics/job/:job/*labels", handler.Push(ms, true))
	r.POST("/metrics/job/:job/*labels", handler.Push(ms, false))
	r.DELETE("/metrics/job/:job/*labels", handler.Delete(ms))
	r.PUT("/metrics/job/:job", handler.Push(ms, true))
	r.POST("/metrics/job/:job", handler.Push(ms, false))
	r.DELETE("/metrics/job/:job", handler.Delete(ms))

	// Handlers for the deprecated API.
	r.PUT("/metrics/jobs/:job/instances/:instance", handler.LegacyPush(ms, true))
	r.POST("/metrics/jobs/:job/instances/:instance", handler.LegacyPush(ms, false))
	r.DELETE("/metrics/jobs/:job/instances/:instance", handler.LegacyDelete(ms))
	r.PUT("/metrics/jobs/:job", handler.LegacyPush(ms, true))
	r.POST("/metrics/jobs/:job", handler.LegacyPush(ms, false))
	r.DELETE("/metrics/jobs/:job", handler.LegacyDelete(ms))

	r.Handler("GET", "/static/*filepath", prometheus.InstrumentHandler(
			&assetfs.AssetFS{Asset: Asset, AssetDir: AssetDir, AssetInfo: AssetInfo},
	statusHandler := prometheus.InstrumentHandlerFunc("status", handler.Status(ms, Asset, flags))
	r.Handler("GET", "/status", statusHandler)
	r.Handler("GET", "/", statusHandler)

	// Re-enable pprof.
	r.GET("/debug/pprof/*pprof", handlePprof)

	log.Infof("Listening on %s.", *listenAddress)
	l, err := net.Listen("tcp", *listenAddress)
	if err != nil {
	go interruptHandler(l)
	err = (&http.Server{Addr: *listenAddress, Handler: r}).Serve(l)
	log.Errorln("HTTP server stopped:", err)
	// To give running connections a chance to submit their payload, we wait
	// for 1sec, but we don't want to wait long (e.g. until all connections
	// are done) to not delay the shutdown.
	if err := ms.Shutdown(); err != nil {
		log.Errorln("Problem shutting down metric storage:", err)