Example #1
// NextPage returns a new Request that can be executed to return the next
// page of result data. Call .Send() on this request to execute it.
func (r *Request) NextPage() *Request {
	tokens := r.nextPageTokens()
	if tokens == nil {
		return nil

	data := reflect.New(reflect.TypeOf(r.Data).Elem()).Interface()
	nr := NewRequest(r.Service, r.Operation, awsutil.CopyOf(r.Params), data)
	for i, intok := range nr.Operation.InputTokens {
		awsutil.SetValueAtAnyPath(nr.Params, intok, tokens[i])
	return nr
Example #2
func TestSetValueAtPathSuccess(t *testing.T) {
	var s Struct
	awsutil.SetValueAtPath(&s, "C", "test1")
	awsutil.SetValueAtPath(&s, "B.B.C", "test2")
	awsutil.SetValueAtPath(&s, "B.D.C", "test3")
	assert.Equal(t, "test1", s.C)
	assert.Equal(t, "test2", s.B.B.C)
	assert.Equal(t, "test3", s.B.D.C)

	awsutil.SetValueAtPath(&s, "B.*.C", "test0")
	assert.Equal(t, "test0", s.B.B.C)
	assert.Equal(t, "test0", s.B.D.C)

	var s2 Struct
	awsutil.SetValueAtAnyPath(&s2, "b.b.c", "test0")
	assert.Equal(t, "test0", s2.B.B.C)