Example #1
// blockParts:     Must be parts of the block
// seenValidation: The +2/3 precommits that were seen which committed at height.
//                 If all the nodes restart after committing a block,
//                 we need this to reload the precommits to catch-up nodes to the
//                 most recent height.  Otherwise they'd stall at H-1.
func (bs *BlockStore) SaveBlock(block *types.Block, blockParts *types.PartSet, seenValidation *types.Validation) {
	height := block.Height
	if height != bs.height+1 {
		PanicSanity(Fmt("BlockStore can only save contiguous blocks. Wanted %v, got %v", bs.height+1, height))
	if !blockParts.IsComplete() {
		PanicSanity(Fmt("BlockStore can only save complete block part sets"))

	// Save block meta
	meta := types.NewBlockMeta(block, blockParts)
	metaBytes := wire.BinaryBytes(meta)
	bs.db.Set(calcBlockMetaKey(height), metaBytes)

	// Save block parts
	for i := 0; i < blockParts.Total(); i++ {
		bs.saveBlockPart(height, i, blockParts.GetPart(i))

	// Save block validation (duplicate and separate from the Block)
	blockValidationBytes := wire.BinaryBytes(block.LastValidation)
	bs.db.Set(calcBlockValidationKey(height-1), blockValidationBytes)

	// Save seen validation (seen +2/3 precommits for block)
	seenValidationBytes := wire.BinaryBytes(seenValidation)
	bs.db.Set(calcSeenValidationKey(height), seenValidationBytes)

	// Save new BlockStoreStateJSON descriptor
	BlockStoreStateJSON{Height: height}.Save(bs.db)

	// Done!
	bs.height = height