Exemple #1
// newAgent returns a new MachineAgent instance
func (s *commonMachineSuite) newAgent(c *gc.C, m *state.Machine) *MachineAgent {
	a := &MachineAgent{}
	s.initAgent(c, a, "--machine-id", m.Id())
	err := a.ReadConfig(m.Tag())
	c.Assert(err, gc.IsNil)
	return a
Exemple #2
func (s *CommonProvisionerSuite) checkStartInstanceCustom(c *gc.C, m *state.Machine, secret string, cons constraints.Value, includeNetworks, excludeNetworks []string, networkInfo []network.Info, waitInstanceId bool) (inst instance.Instance) {
	for {
		select {
		case o := <-s.op:
			switch o := o.(type) {
			case dummy.OpStartInstance:
				inst = o.Instance
				if waitInstanceId {
					s.waitInstanceId(c, m, inst.Id())

				// Check the instance was started with the expected params.
				c.Assert(o.MachineId, gc.Equals, m.Id())
				nonceParts := strings.SplitN(o.MachineNonce, ":", 2)
				c.Assert(nonceParts, gc.HasLen, 2)
				c.Assert(nonceParts[0], gc.Equals, names.MachineTag("0"))
				c.Assert(nonceParts[1], jc.Satisfies, utils.IsValidUUIDString)
				c.Assert(o.Secret, gc.Equals, secret)
				c.Assert(o.IncludeNetworks, jc.DeepEquals, includeNetworks)
				c.Assert(o.ExcludeNetworks, jc.DeepEquals, excludeNetworks)
				c.Assert(o.NetworkInfo, jc.DeepEquals, networkInfo)

				// All provisioned machines in this test suite have
				// their hardware characteristics attributes set to
				// the same values as the constraints due to the dummy
				// environment being used.
				if !constraints.IsEmpty(&cons) {
					c.Assert(o.Constraints, gc.DeepEquals, cons)
					hc, err := m.HardwareCharacteristics()
					c.Assert(err, gc.IsNil)
					c.Assert(*hc, gc.DeepEquals, instance.HardwareCharacteristics{
						Arch:     cons.Arch,
						Mem:      cons.Mem,
						RootDisk: cons.RootDisk,
						CpuCores: cons.CpuCores,
						CpuPower: cons.CpuPower,
						Tags:     cons.Tags,
				c.Logf("ignoring unexpected operation %#v", o)
		case <-time.After(2 * time.Second):
			c.Fatalf("provisioner did not start an instance")
Exemple #3
// startInstance starts a new instance for the given machine.
func (s *FirewallerSuite) startInstance(c *gc.C, m *state.Machine) instance.Instance {
	inst, hc := testing.AssertStartInstance(c, s.Conn.Environ, m.Id())
	err := m.SetProvisioned(inst.Id(), "fake_nonce", hc)
	c.Assert(err, gc.IsNil)
	return inst
Exemple #4
func (s *SSHCommonSuite) setAddresses(m *state.Machine, c *gc.C) {
	addrPub := instance.NewAddress(fmt.Sprintf("dummyenv-%s.dns", m.Id()), instance.NetworkPublic)
	addrPriv := instance.NewAddress(fmt.Sprintf("dummyenv-%s.internal", m.Id()), instance.NetworkCloudLocal)
	err := m.SetAddresses(addrPub, addrPriv)
	c.Assert(err, gc.IsNil)