Esempio n. 1
func TestSuiteLogging(t *testing.T) {
	testT := testing.T{}

	suiteLoggingTester := new(SuiteLoggingTester)

	capture := StdoutCapture{}
	Run(&testT, suiteLoggingTester)
	output, err := capture.StopCapture()

	assert.Nil(t, err, "Got an error trying to capture stdout!")

	// Failed tests' output is always printed
	assert.Contains(t, output, "TESTLOGFAIL")

	if testing.Verbose() {
		// In verbose mode, output from successful tests is also printed
		assert.Contains(t, output, "TESTLOGPASS")
	} else {
		assert.NotContains(t, output, "TESTLOGPASS")
Esempio n. 2
// NotContains asserts that the specified string does NOT contain the specified substring.
//    require.NotContains(t, "Hello World", "Earth", "But 'Hello World' does NOT contain 'Earth'")
func NotContains(t TestingT, s, contains interface{}, msgAndArgs ...interface{}) {
	if !assert.NotContains(t, s, contains, msgAndArgs...) {