Esempio n. 1
func (s *listSuite) TestInfo(c *gc.C) {
	var command status.ListCommand
	info := command.Info()

	c.Check(info, jc.DeepEquals, &cmd.Info{
		Name:    "payloads",
		Args:    "[pattern ...]",
		Purpose: "display status information about known payloads",
		Doc: `
This command will report on the runtime state of defined payloads.

When one or more pattern is given, Juju will limit the results to only
those payloads which match *any* of the provided patterns. Each pattern
will be checked against the following info in Juju:

- unit name
- machine id
- payload type
- payload class
- payload id
- payload tag
- payload status
		Aliases: []string{"list-payloads"},
Esempio n. 2
func (payloads) newListAPIClient(cmd *status.ListCommand) (status.ListAPI, error) {
	apiCaller, err := cmd.NewAPIRoot()
	if err != nil {
		return nil, errors.Trace(err)
	caller := base.NewFacadeCallerForVersion(apiCaller, payload.ComponentName, 0)

	listAPI := client.NewPublicClient(&facadeCaller{
		FacadeCaller: caller,
		closeFunc:    apiCaller.Close,
	return listAPI, nil