Пример #1
// AccumulateRewards credits the coinbase of the given block with the
// mining reward. The total reward consists of the static block reward
// and rewards for included uncles. The coinbase of each uncle block is
// also rewarded.
func AccumulateRewards(statedb *state.StateDB, header *types.Header, uncles []*types.Header) {
	reward := new(big.Int).Set(BlockReward)
	r := new(big.Int)
	for _, uncle := range uncles {
		r.Add(uncle.Number, big8)
		r.Sub(r, header.Number)
		r.Mul(r, BlockReward)
		r.Div(r, big8)
		statedb.AddBalance(uncle.Coinbase, r)

		r.Div(BlockReward, big32)
		reward.Add(reward, r)
	statedb.AddBalance(header.Coinbase, reward)