Ejemplo n.º 1
// Create a mock index that uses a feeder function to provide query results.
// Creates an index with single partition, single slice with a snapshot.
func (s *scannerTestHarness) createIndex(name, bucket string, feeder snapshotFeeder) c.IndexDefnId {

	pc := c.NewKeyPartitionContainer()
	pId := c.PartitionId(0)
	endpt := c.Endpoint("localhost:1000")
	pDef := c.KeyPartitionDefn{Id: pId, Endpts: []c.Endpoint{endpt}}
	pc.AddPartition(pId, pDef)

	instId := c.IndexInstId(s.indexCount)
	defnId := c.IndexDefnId(0xABBA)
	indDefn := c.IndexDefn{Name: name, Bucket: bucket, DefnId: defnId}
	indInst := c.IndexInst{InstId: instId, State: c.INDEX_STATE_ACTIVE,
		Defn: indDefn, Pc: pc,
	// TODO: Use cmdch to update map
	s.scanner.indexInstMap[instId] = indInst

	sc := NewHashedSliceContainer()
	partInst := PartitionInst{Defn: pDef, Sc: sc}
	partInstMap := PartitionInstMap{pId: partInst}

	snap := &mockSnapshot{feeder: feeder}

	slice := &mockSlice{}
	slId := SliceId(0)
	sc.AddSlice(slId, slice)
	// TODO: Use cmdch to update map
	s.scanner.indexPartnMap[instId] = partInstMap
	return defnId
Ejemplo n.º 2
func (meta *metaNotifier) makeDefaultPartitionContainer() common.PartitionContainer {

	pc := common.NewKeyPartitionContainer()

	//Add one partition for now
	addr := net.JoinHostPort("", meta.config["streamMaintPort"].String())
	endpt := []common.Endpoint{common.Endpoint(addr)}

	partnDefn := common.KeyPartitionDefn{Id: common.PartitionId(1),
		Endpts: endpt}
	pc.AddPartition(common.PartitionId(1), partnDefn)

	return pc

Ejemplo n.º 3
func (cbq *cbqBridge) handleCreate(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
	var res IndexMetaResponse

	indexinfo := indexRequest(r).Index

	logging.Debugf("CbqBridge::handleCreate Received CreateIndex %v", indexinfo)

	//generate a new unique id
	defnID := rand.Int()

	idxDefn := common.IndexDefn{DefnId: common.IndexDefnId(defnID),
		Name:            indexinfo.Name,
		Using:           common.ForestDB,
		Bucket:          indexinfo.Bucket,
		IsPrimary:       indexinfo.IsPrimary,
		SecExprs:        indexinfo.SecExprs,
		ExprType:        common.N1QL,
		PartitionScheme: common.SINGLE,
		PartitionKey:    indexinfo.PartnExpr,
		WhereExpr:       indexinfo.WhereExpr}

	idxInst := common.IndexInst{InstId: common.IndexInstId(defnID),
		Defn:  idxDefn,
		State: common.INDEX_STATE_INITIAL,

	if !cbq.config["enableManager"].Bool() {
		pc := common.NewKeyPartitionContainer()

		//Add one partition for now
		partnId := common.PartitionId(0)
		addr := net.JoinHostPort("", cbq.config["streamMaintPort"].String())
		endpt := []common.Endpoint{common.Endpoint(addr)}
		partnDefn := common.KeyPartitionDefn{Id: partnId,
			Endpts: endpt}
		pc.AddPartition(partnId, partnDefn)

		idxInst.Pc = pc

	indexinfo.DefnID = uint64(defnID)

	respCh := make(MsgChannel)
	cbq.supvRespch <- &MsgCreateIndex{mType: CBQ_CREATE_INDEX_DDL,
		indexInst: idxInst,
		respCh:    respCh}

	//wait for response from indexer
	msg := <-respCh
	if msg.GetMsgType() == MSG_SUCCESS {
		res = IndexMetaResponse{
			Status:  RESP_SUCCESS,
			Indexes: []IndexInfo{indexinfo},
		cbq.indexMap[idxInst.InstId] = indexinfo
	} else {
		err := msg.(*MsgError).GetError()

		logging.Debugf("CbqBridge::handleCreate Received Error %s", err.cause)

		ierr := IndexError{Code: string(RESP_ERROR),
			Msg: err.cause.Error()}

		res = IndexMetaResponse{
			Status: RESP_ERROR,
			Errors: []IndexError{ierr},
	sendResponse(w, res)