Ejemplo n.º 1
func addDependencyVolumesAndLinks(deps *definitions.Dependencies, srv *definitions.Service, ops *definitions.Operation) {
	if deps != nil {
		for i, dep := range deps.Services {
			name, internalName, link, mount := util.ParseDependency(dep)
			ConnectToAService(srv, ops, name, internalName, link, mount)
			deps.Services[i] = name

		for i, dep := range deps.Chains {
			name, internalName, link, mount := util.ParseDependency(dep)
			ConnectToAChain(srv, ops, name, internalName, link, mount)
			deps.Chains[i] = name
Ejemplo n.º 2
func ConnectChainToService(chainFlag, chainNameAndOpts string, srv *definitions.ServiceDefinition) (*definitions.ServiceDefinition, error) {
	chainName, internalName, link, mount := util.ParseDependency(chainNameAndOpts)
	if chainFlag != "" {
		// flag overwrites whatever is in the service definition
		chainName = chainFlag
	} else if strings.HasPrefix(srv.Chain, "$chain") {
		// if there's a $chain and no flag or checked out chain, we err
		var err error
		chainName, err = util.GetHead()
		if chainName == "" || err != nil {
			return nil, fmt.Errorf("Marmot disapproval face.\nYou tried to start a service which has a `$chain` variable but didn't give us a chain.\nPlease rerun the command either after [eris chains checkout CHAINNAME] *or* with a --chain flag.\n")
	s, err := loaders.ChainsAsAService(chainName, false, srv.Operations.ContainerNumber)
	if err != nil {
		return nil, err
	// link the service container linked to the chain
	// XXX: we may have name collision here if we're not careful.
	loaders.ConnectToAChain(srv.Service, srv.Operations, chainName, internalName, link, mount)

	return s, nil