func (c *RunWatchAndBuildCommandFlags) flags(mode int) {
	onWindows := (runtime.GOOS == "windows")

	c.FlagSet.BoolVar(&(c.Recurse), "r", false, "Find and run test suites under the current directory recursively")
	c.FlagSet.BoolVar(&(c.Race), "race", false, "Run tests with race detection enabled")
	c.FlagSet.BoolVar(&(c.Cover), "cover", false, "Run tests with coverage analysis, will generate coverage profiles with the package name in the current directory")
	c.FlagSet.StringVar(&(c.CoverPkg), "coverpkg", "", "Run tests with coverage on the given external modules")
	c.FlagSet.StringVar(&(c.SkipPackage), "skipPackage", "", "A comma-separated list of package names to be skipped.  If any part of the package's path matches, that package is ignored.")
	c.FlagSet.StringVar(&(c.Tags), "tags", "", "A list of build tags to consider satisfied during the build")

	if mode == runMode || mode == watchMode {
		config.Flags(c.FlagSet, "", false)
		c.FlagSet.IntVar(&(c.NumCPU), "nodes", 1, "The number of parallel test nodes to run")
		c.FlagSet.IntVar(&(c.NumCompilers), "compilers", 0, "The number of concurrent compilations to run (0 will autodetect)")
		c.FlagSet.BoolVar(&(c.AutoNodes), "p", false, "Run in parallel with auto-detected number of nodes")
		c.FlagSet.BoolVar(&(c.ParallelStream), "stream", onWindows, "stream parallel test output in real time: less coherent, but useful for debugging")
		if !onWindows {
			c.FlagSet.BoolVar(&(c.Notify), "notify", false, "Send desktop notifications when a test run completes")
		c.FlagSet.StringVar(&(c.AfterSuiteHook), "afterSuiteHook", "", "Run a command when a suite test run completes")

	if mode == runMode {
		c.FlagSet.BoolVar(&(c.KeepGoing), "keepGoing", false, "When true, failures from earlier test suites do not prevent later test suites from running")
		c.FlagSet.BoolVar(&(c.UntilItFails), "untilItFails", false, "When true, Ginkgo will keep rerunning tests until a failure occurs")
		c.FlagSet.BoolVar(&(c.RandomizeSuites), "randomizeSuites", false, "When true, Ginkgo will randomize the order in which test suites run")

	if mode == watchMode {
		c.FlagSet.IntVar(&(c.Depth), "depth", 1, "Ginkgo will watch dependencies down to this depth in the dependency tree")
Ejemplo n.º 2
func init() {
	config.Flags(flag.CommandLine, "ginkgo", true)
	GinkgoWriter = writer.New(os.Stdout)
	globalFailer = failer.New()
	globalSuite = suite.New(globalFailer)