Ejemplo n.º 1
func newConn(url *url.URL) (*http.ClientConn, os.Error) {
	addr := url.Host
	//just set the default scheme to http
	if url.Scheme == "" {
		url.Scheme = "http"
	if !hasPort(addr) {
		addr += ":" + url.Scheme
	var conn net.Conn
	var err os.Error
	if url.Scheme == "http" {
		conn, err = net.Dial("tcp", addr)
		if err != nil {
			return nil, err
	} else { // https
		conn, err = tls.Dial("tcp", addr, nil)
		if err != nil {
			return nil, err
		h := url.Host
		if hasPort(h) {
			h = h[0:strings.LastIndex(h, ":")]
		if err := conn.(*tls.Conn).VerifyHostname(h); err != nil {
			return nil, err

	return http.NewClientConn(conn, nil), nil
Ejemplo n.º 2
func Setup() (p *Propolis, push bool) {
	var refresh, watch, delete, paranoid, reset, practice, public, secure, reduced, directories bool
	var delay, concurrent int
	flag.BoolVar(&refresh, "refresh", true,
		"Scan online bucket to update cache at startup\n"+
			"\tLonger startup time, but catches changes made while offline")
	flag.BoolVar(&watch, "watch", false,
		"Go into daemon mode and watch the local file system\n"+
			"\tfor changes after initial sync (false means sync then quit)")
	flag.BoolVar(&delete, "delete", true,
		"Delete files when syncing as well as copying changed files")
	flag.BoolVar(&paranoid, "paranoid", false,
		"Always verify md5 hash of file contents,\n"+
			"\teven when all metadata is an exact match (slower)")
	flag.BoolVar(&reset, "reset", false,
		"Reset the cache (implies -refresh=true)")
	flag.BoolVar(&practice, "practice", false,
		"Do a practice run without changing any files\n"+
			"\tShows what would be changed (implies -watch=false)")
	flag.BoolVar(&public, "public", true,
		"Make world-readable local files publicly readable\n"+
			"\tin the online bucket (downloadable via the web)")
	flag.BoolVar(&secure, "secure", false,
		"Use secure connections to Amazon S3\n"+
			"\tA bit slower, but data is encrypted when being transferred")
	flag.BoolVar(&reduced, "reduced", false,
		"Use reduced redundancy storage when uploading\n"+
			"\tCheaper, but higher chance of loosing data")
	flag.BoolVar(&directories, "directories", false,
		"Track directories using special zero-length files\n"+
			"\tMostly useful for greater compatibility with s3fslite")
	flag.IntVar(&delay, "delay", 5,
		"Wait this number of seconds from the last change to a file\n"+
			"\tbefore syncing it with the server")
	flag.IntVar(&concurrent, "concurrent", 25,
		"Maximum number of server transactions that are\n"+
			"\tallowed to run concurrently")

	var accesskeyid, secretaccesskey, cache_location string
	flag.StringVar(&accesskeyid, "accesskeyid", "",
		"Amazon AWS Access Key ID")
	flag.StringVar(&secretaccesskey, "secretaccesskey", "",
		"Amazon AWS Secret Access Key")
	flag.StringVar(&cache_location, "cache", default_cache_location,
		"Metadata cache location\n"+
			"\tA sqlite3 database file that caches online metadata")

	flag.Usage = func() {
				"  Amazon S3 <--> local file system synchronizer\n"+
				"  Synchronizes a local directory with an S3 bucket, then\n"+
				"  watches the local directory for changes and automatically\n"+
				"  propogates them to the bucket.\n\n"+
				"  See http://github.com/russross/propolis for details\n\n"+
				"  Copyright 2011 by Russ Ross <[email protected]>\n\n"+
				"  Propolis comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  This is free software, and you\n"+
				"  are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.  See the GNU\n"+
				"  General Public Licence for details.\n\n"+
				"  To start by syncing remote bucket to match local file system:\n"+
				"      %s [flags] local/dir s3:bucket[:remote/dir]\n"+
				"  To start by syncing local file system to match remote bucket:\n"+
				"      %s [flags] s3:bucket[:remote/dir] local/dir\n\n"+
				"  Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key can be specified in\n"+
				"  one of three ways, listed in decreasing order of precedence.\n"+
				"  Note: both values must be supplied using a single method:\n\n"+
				"      1. On the command line\n"+
				"      2. In the environment variables %s and %s\n"+
				"      3. In the file %s as key:secret on a single line\n\n"+
			os.Args[0], os.Args[0],
			s3_access_key_id_variable, s3_secret_access_key_variable, s3_password_file)

	// enforce certain option combinations
	if reset {
		refresh = true
	if practice {
		watch = false

	// make sure we get access keys
	if accesskeyid == "" || secretaccesskey == "" {
		accesskeyid, secretaccesskey = getKeys()
	if accesskeyid == "" || secretaccesskey == "" {
		fmt.Fprintln(os.Stderr, "Error: Amazon AWS Access Key ID and/or Secret Access Key undefined\n")

	// check command-line arguments
	args := flag.Args()
	if len(args) != 2 {

	// figure out the direction of sync, parse the bucket and directory info
	var bucketname, bucketprefix, localdir string

	switch {
	case !strings.HasPrefix(args[0], "s3:") && strings.HasPrefix(args[1], "s3:"):
		push = true
		localdir = parseLocalDir(args[0])
		bucketname, bucketprefix = parseBucket(args[1])
	case strings.HasPrefix(args[0], "s3:") && !strings.HasPrefix(args[1], "s3:"):
		push = false
		bucketname, bucketprefix = parseBucket(args[0])
		localdir = parseLocalDir(args[1])

	// make sure the root directory exists
	if info, err := os.Lstat(localdir); err != nil || !info.IsDirectory() {
		fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "%s is not a valid directory\n", localdir)

	// open the database
	var err os.Error
	var cache Cache
	if cache, err = Connect(path.Join(cache_location, bucketname+".sqlite")); err != nil {
		fmt.Println("Error connecting to database:", err)

	// create the Propolis object
	url := new(url.URL)
	url.Scheme = "http"
	if secure {
		url.Scheme = "https"
	url.Host = bucketname + ".s3.amazonaws.com"
	url.Path = "/"

	p = &Propolis{
		Bucket:            bucketname,
		Url:               url,
		Secure:            secure,
		ReducedRedundancy: reduced,
		Key:               accesskeyid,
		Secret:            secretaccesskey,

		BucketRoot: bucketprefix,
		LocalRoot:  localdir,

		Refresh:     refresh,
		Paranoid:    paranoid,
		Reset:       reset,
		Directories: directories,
		Practice:    practice,
		Watch:       watch,
		Delay:       delay,
		Concurrent:  concurrent,

		Db: cache,
Ejemplo n.º 3
func getNewUrl(url *url.URL) *url.URL {
	urlBackend, _ := url.Parse("")
	url.Scheme = urlBackend.Scheme
	url.Host = urlBackend.Host
	return url