Example #1
// SetNamespace sets the namespace for objects within this IO context (pool).
// Setting namespace to a empty or zero length string sets the pool to the default namespace.
func (ioctx *IOContext) SetNamespace(namespace string) {
	var c_ns *C.char
	if len(namespace) > 0 {
		c_ns = C.CString(namespace)
		defer C.free(unsafe.Pointer(c_ns))
	C.rados_ioctx_set_namespace(ioctx.ioctx, c_ns)
Example #2
// Set the namespace for objects.
// The namespace specification further refines a pool into different domains. The mapping of objects to pgs is also
// based on this value.
func (pool *Pool) SetNamespace(namespace string) {
	n := C.CString(namespace)
	defer freeString(n)
	C.rados_ioctx_set_namespace(pool.context, n)