Example #1
// This function gets the state of a single instance and returns the code for it.
func getInstanceState(instanceid string, ec2client *ec2.EC2) (int64, error) {
	//Build the struct to hold our instance ID we're requesting
	instanceReq := ec2.DescribeInstanceStatusInput{
		InstanceIds: []*string{

	//Make the request to the API
	instanceResp, err := ec2client.DescribeInstanceStatus(&instanceReq)
	if err != nil {
		return -1, err

	//We only requested one instance, so we should only get one
	if len(instanceResp.InstanceStatuses) != 1 {
		return -1, errors.New("The total number of instances did not match the request")

	//Finally, let's get the code and return it.
	instance := instanceResp.InstanceStatuses[0]
	return *instance.InstanceState.Code, nil