Example #1
func (a *AnalyzerBase) FindPort(hasFoundServer bool, server WebServer, command *string) (string, error) {
	if hasFoundServer {
		return server.Port(command), nil

	withoutPortEnvVar := common.RemovePortIfEnvVar(*command)
	hasFound, port := common.ParsePort(withoutPortEnvVar)
	if hasFound {
		*command = withoutPortEnvVar
		return port, nil

	if !a.ShouldPrompt {
		return "", fmt.Errorf("Could not find port to open corresponding to command '%s'", *command)
	return common.AskUser(fmt.Sprintf("Which port to open to run web service with command '%s'?", *command)), nil
func (w *WebServerBase) RemovePortIfEnvVar(command string) string {
	return common.RemovePortIfEnvVar(command)