Example #1
func LoginPost(ctx *gin.Context) {

	// create a new Beego ORM object
	o := orm.NewOrm()

	// initialize our data structs
	data := LoginData{}
	user := models.Users{}

	// expecting our login data in JSON form

	// search the users table for the first user with an email and password we supplied
	// of course storing passwords in plaintext is stupid, this is just an example
	err := o.QueryTable("users").Filter("email", data.Email).Filter("password", data.Password).One(&user)

	if err != nil {
		ctx.String(400, "User was not found!")

	// this data will be added to the cookie and available on decode
	extra := map[string]string{"email": data.Email}

	// log in the user
	err1 := auth.Login(ctx, extra)
	if err1 == nil {
		ctx.String(200, "")