Example #1
func addCharm(c *gc.C, st *State, series string, ch charm.Charm) *Charm {
	ident := fmt.Sprintf("%s-%s-%d", series, ch.Meta().Name, ch.Revision())
	curl := charm.MustParseURL("local:" + series + "/" + ident)
	bundleURL, err := url.Parse("http://bundles.testing.invalid/" + ident)
	c.Assert(err, gc.IsNil)
	sch, err := st.AddCharm(ch, curl, bundleURL, ident+"-sha256")
	c.Assert(err, gc.IsNil)
	return sch
Example #2
func checkDummy(c *gc.C, f charm.Charm, path string) {
	c.Assert(f.Revision(), gc.Equals, 1)
	c.Assert(f.Meta().Name, gc.Equals, "dummy")
	c.Assert(f.Config().Options["title"].Default, gc.Equals, "My Title")
	c.Assert(f.Actions(), gc.DeepEquals,
				"snapshot": charm.ActionSpec{
					Description: "Take a snapshot of the database.",
					Params: map[string]interface{}{
						"outfile": map[string]interface{}{
							"description": "The file to write out to.",
							"type":        "string",
							"default":     "foo.bz2",
	switch f := f.(type) {
	case *charm.Bundle:
		c.Assert(f.Path, gc.Equals, path)
	case *charm.Dir:
		c.Assert(f.Path, gc.Equals, path)