Example #1
File: resolver.go Project: bac/juju
// NextOp implements the resolver.Resolver interface.
func (r *actionsResolver) NextOp(
	localState resolver.LocalState,
	remoteState remotestate.Snapshot,
	opFactory operation.Factory,
) (operation.Operation, error) {
	nextAction, err := nextAction(remoteState.Actions, localState.CompletedActions)
	if err != nil {
		return nil, err
	switch localState.Kind {
	case operation.RunHook:
		// We can still run actions if the unit is in a hook error state.
		if localState.Step == operation.Pending {
			return opFactory.NewAction(nextAction)
	case operation.RunAction:
		if localState.Hook != nil {
			logger.Infof("found incomplete action %q; ignoring", localState.ActionId)
			logger.Infof("recommitting prior %q hook", localState.Hook.Kind)
			return opFactory.NewSkipHook(*localState.Hook)
		} else {
			logger.Infof("%q hook is nil", operation.RunAction)
			return opFactory.NewFailAction(*localState.ActionId)
	case operation.Continue:
		return opFactory.NewAction(nextAction)
	return nil, resolver.ErrNoOperation