Example #1
func installServiceFlags(flags *pflag.FlagSet) {
	flServiceName = flags.String("service-name", "docker", "Set the Windows service name")
	flRegisterService = flags.Bool("register-service", false, "Register the service and exit")
	flUnregisterService = flags.Bool("unregister-service", false, "Unregister the service and exit")
	flRunService = flags.Bool("run-service", false, "")
Example #2
// BindForOutput sets flags on this action for when setting -o will not execute the action (the point of the action is
// primarily to generate the output). Passing -o is asking for output, not execution.
func (b *BulkAction) BindForOutput(flags *pflag.FlagSet) {
	flags.StringVarP(&b.Output, "output", "o", "", "Output results as yaml or json instead of executing, or use name for succint output (resource/name).")
	flags.BoolVar(&b.DryRun, "dry-run", false, "If true, show the result of the operation without performing it.")
	flags.Bool("no-headers", false, "Omit table headers for default output.")
Example #3
// AddFlags adds all command line flags that will be used by Parse to the FlagSet
func AddFlags(flags *pflag.FlagSet) *ContainerOptions {
	copts := &ContainerOptions{
		aliases:           opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		attach:            opts.NewListOpts(ValidateAttach),
		blkioWeightDevice: NewWeightdeviceOpt(ValidateWeightDevice),
		capAdd:            opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		capDrop:           opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		dns:               opts.NewListOpts(opts.ValidateIPAddress),
		dnsOptions:        opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		dnsSearch:         opts.NewListOpts(opts.ValidateDNSSearch),
		deviceReadBps:     NewThrottledeviceOpt(ValidateThrottleBpsDevice),
		deviceReadIOps:    NewThrottledeviceOpt(ValidateThrottleIOpsDevice),
		deviceWriteBps:    NewThrottledeviceOpt(ValidateThrottleBpsDevice),
		deviceWriteIOps:   NewThrottledeviceOpt(ValidateThrottleIOpsDevice),
		devices:           opts.NewListOpts(ValidateDevice),
		env:               opts.NewListOpts(ValidateEnv),
		envFile:           opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		expose:            opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		extraHosts:        opts.NewListOpts(ValidateExtraHost),
		groupAdd:          opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		labels:            opts.NewListOpts(ValidateEnv),
		labelsFile:        opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		linkLocalIPs:      opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		links:             opts.NewListOpts(ValidateLink),
		loggingOpts:       opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		publish:           opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		securityOpt:       opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		storageOpt:        opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		sysctls:           opts.NewMapOpts(nil, opts.ValidateSysctl),
		tmpfs:             opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		ulimits:           NewUlimitOpt(nil),
		volumes:           opts.NewListOpts(nil),
		volumesFrom:       opts.NewListOpts(nil),

	// General purpose flags
	flags.VarP(&copts.attach, "attach", "a", "Attach to STDIN, STDOUT or STDERR")
	flags.Var(&copts.devices, "device", "Add a host device to the container")
	flags.VarP(&copts.env, "env", "e", "Set environment variables")
	flags.Var(&copts.envFile, "env-file", "Read in a file of environment variables")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.entrypoint, "entrypoint", "", "Overwrite the default ENTRYPOINT of the image")
	flags.Var(&copts.groupAdd, "group-add", "Add additional groups to join")
	flags.StringVarP(&copts.hostname, "hostname", "h", "", "Container host name")
	flags.BoolVarP(&copts.stdin, "interactive", "i", false, "Keep STDIN open even if not attached")
	flags.VarP(&copts.labels, "label", "l", "Set meta data on a container")
	flags.Var(&copts.labelsFile, "label-file", "Read in a line delimited file of labels")
	flags.BoolVar(&copts.readonlyRootfs, "read-only", false, "Mount the container's root filesystem as read only")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.restartPolicy, "restart", "no", "Restart policy to apply when a container exits")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.stopSignal, "stop-signal", signal.DefaultStopSignal, fmt.Sprintf("Signal to stop a container, %v by default", signal.DefaultStopSignal))
	flags.Var(copts.sysctls, "sysctl", "Sysctl options")
	flags.BoolVarP(&copts.tty, "tty", "t", false, "Allocate a pseudo-TTY")
	flags.Var(copts.ulimits, "ulimit", "Ulimit options")
	flags.StringVarP(&copts.user, "user", "u", "", "Username or UID (format: <name|uid>[:<group|gid>])")
	flags.StringVarP(&copts.workingDir, "workdir", "w", "", "Working directory inside the container")
	flags.BoolVar(&copts.autoRemove, "rm", false, "Automatically remove the container when it exits")

	// Security
	flags.Var(&copts.capAdd, "cap-add", "Add Linux capabilities")
	flags.Var(&copts.capDrop, "cap-drop", "Drop Linux capabilities")
	flags.BoolVar(&copts.privileged, "privileged", false, "Give extended privileges to this container")
	flags.Var(&copts.securityOpt, "security-opt", "Security Options")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.usernsMode, "userns", "", "User namespace to use")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.credentialSpec, "credentialspec", "", "Credential spec for managed service account (Windows only)")

	// Network and port publishing flag
	flags.Var(&copts.extraHosts, "add-host", "Add a custom host-to-IP mapping (host:ip)")
	flags.Var(&copts.dns, "dns", "Set custom DNS servers")
	flags.Var(&copts.dnsOptions, "dns-opt", "Set DNS options")
	flags.Var(&copts.dnsSearch, "dns-search", "Set custom DNS search domains")
	flags.Var(&copts.expose, "expose", "Expose a port or a range of ports")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.ipv4Address, "ip", "", "Container IPv4 address (e.g.")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.ipv6Address, "ip6", "", "Container IPv6 address (e.g. 2001:db8::33)")
	flags.Var(&copts.links, "link", "Add link to another container")
	flags.Var(&copts.linkLocalIPs, "link-local-ip", "Container IPv4/IPv6 link-local addresses")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.macAddress, "mac-address", "", "Container MAC address (e.g. 92:d0:c6:0a:29:33)")
	flags.VarP(&copts.publish, "publish", "p", "Publish a container's port(s) to the host")
	flags.BoolVarP(&copts.publishAll, "publish-all", "P", false, "Publish all exposed ports to random ports")
	// We allow for both "--net" and "--network", although the latter is the recommended way.
	flags.StringVar(&copts.netMode, "net", "default", "Connect a container to a network")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.netMode, "network", "default", "Connect a container to a network")
	// We allow for both "--net-alias" and "--network-alias", although the latter is the recommended way.
	flags.Var(&copts.aliases, "net-alias", "Add network-scoped alias for the container")
	flags.Var(&copts.aliases, "network-alias", "Add network-scoped alias for the container")

	// Logging and storage
	flags.StringVar(&copts.loggingDriver, "log-driver", "", "Logging driver for the container")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.volumeDriver, "volume-driver", "", "Optional volume driver for the container")
	flags.Var(&copts.loggingOpts, "log-opt", "Log driver options")
	flags.Var(&copts.storageOpt, "storage-opt", "Storage driver options for the container")
	flags.Var(&copts.tmpfs, "tmpfs", "Mount a tmpfs directory")
	flags.Var(&copts.volumesFrom, "volumes-from", "Mount volumes from the specified container(s)")
	flags.VarP(&copts.volumes, "volume", "v", "Bind mount a volume")

	// Health-checking
	flags.StringVar(&copts.healthCmd, "health-cmd", "", "Command to run to check health")
	flags.DurationVar(&copts.healthInterval, "health-interval", 0, "Time between running the check")
	flags.IntVar(&copts.healthRetries, "health-retries", 0, "Consecutive failures needed to report unhealthy")
	flags.DurationVar(&copts.healthTimeout, "health-timeout", 0, "Maximum time to allow one check to run")
	flags.BoolVar(&copts.noHealthcheck, "no-healthcheck", false, "Disable any container-specified HEALTHCHECK")

	// Resource management
	flags.Uint16Var(&copts.blkioWeight, "blkio-weight", 0, "Block IO (relative weight), between 10 and 1000")
	flags.Var(&copts.blkioWeightDevice, "blkio-weight-device", "Block IO weight (relative device weight)")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.containerIDFile, "cidfile", "", "Write the container ID to the file")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.cpusetCpus, "cpuset-cpus", "", "CPUs in which to allow execution (0-3, 0,1)")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.cpusetMems, "cpuset-mems", "", "MEMs in which to allow execution (0-3, 0,1)")
	flags.Int64Var(&copts.cpuPercent, "cpu-percent", 0, "CPU percent (Windows only)")
	flags.Int64Var(&copts.cpuPeriod, "cpu-period", 0, "Limit CPU CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler) period")
	flags.Int64Var(&copts.cpuQuota, "cpu-quota", 0, "Limit CPU CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler) quota")
	flags.Int64VarP(&copts.cpuShares, "cpu-shares", "c", 0, "CPU shares (relative weight)")
	flags.Var(&copts.deviceReadBps, "device-read-bps", "Limit read rate (bytes per second) from a device")
	flags.Var(&copts.deviceReadIOps, "device-read-iops", "Limit read rate (IO per second) from a device")
	flags.Var(&copts.deviceWriteBps, "device-write-bps", "Limit write rate (bytes per second) to a device")
	flags.Var(&copts.deviceWriteIOps, "device-write-iops", "Limit write rate (IO per second) to a device")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.ioMaxBandwidth, "io-maxbandwidth", "", "Maximum IO bandwidth limit for the system drive (Windows only)")
	flags.Uint64Var(&copts.ioMaxIOps, "io-maxiops", 0, "Maximum IOps limit for the system drive (Windows only)")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.kernelMemory, "kernel-memory", "", "Kernel memory limit")
	flags.StringVarP(&copts.memoryString, "memory", "m", "", "Memory limit")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.memoryReservation, "memory-reservation", "", "Memory soft limit")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.memorySwap, "memory-swap", "", "Swap limit equal to memory plus swap: '-1' to enable unlimited swap")
	flags.Int64Var(&copts.swappiness, "memory-swappiness", -1, "Tune container memory swappiness (0 to 100)")
	flags.BoolVar(&copts.oomKillDisable, "oom-kill-disable", false, "Disable OOM Killer")
	flags.IntVar(&copts.oomScoreAdj, "oom-score-adj", 0, "Tune host's OOM preferences (-1000 to 1000)")
	flags.Int64Var(&copts.pidsLimit, "pids-limit", 0, "Tune container pids limit (set -1 for unlimited)")

	// Low-level execution (cgroups, namespaces, ...)
	flags.StringVar(&copts.cgroupParent, "cgroup-parent", "", "Optional parent cgroup for the container")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.ipcMode, "ipc", "", "IPC namespace to use")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.isolation, "isolation", "", "Container isolation technology")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.pidMode, "pid", "", "PID namespace to use")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.shmSize, "shm-size", "", "Size of /dev/shm, default value is 64MB")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.utsMode, "uts", "", "UTS namespace to use")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.runtime, "runtime", "", "Runtime to use for this container")

	flags.BoolVar(&copts.init, "init", false, "Run an init inside the container that forwards signals and reaps processes")
	flags.StringVar(&copts.initPath, "init-path", "", "Path to the docker-init binary")
	return copts
Example #4
// AddFlags adds flags for a specific KubeletServer to the specified FlagSet
func (s *KubeletServer) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet) {
	fs.Var(&s.KubeConfig, "kubeconfig", "Path to a kubeconfig file, specifying how to connect to the API server. --api-servers will be used for the location unless --require-kubeconfig is set.")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.RequireKubeConfig, "require-kubeconfig", s.RequireKubeConfig, "If true the Kubelet will exit if there are configuration errors, and will ignore the value of --api-servers in favor of the server defined in the kubeconfig file.")

	// DEPRECATED: Remove these flags at the beginning of 1.5.
	fs.Var(&s.AuthPath, "auth-path", "Path to .kubernetes_auth file, specifying how to authenticate to API server.")
	fs.MarkDeprecated("auth-path", "will be removed in a future version")
	fs.StringSliceVar(&s.APIServerList, "api-servers", []string{}, "List of Kubernetes API servers for publishing events, and reading pods and services. (ip:port), comma separated.")
	fs.MarkDeprecated("api-servers", "Use --kubeconfig instead. Will be removed in a future version.")

	fs.StringVar(&s.PodManifestPath, "config", s.PodManifestPath, "Path to to the directory containing pod manifest files to run, or the path to a single pod manifest file.")
	fs.MarkDeprecated("config", "Use --pod-manifest-path instead. Will be removed in a future version.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.PodManifestPath, "pod-manifest-path", s.PodManifestPath, "Path to to the directory containing pod manifest files to run, or the path to a single pod manifest file.")
	fs.DurationVar(&s.SyncFrequency.Duration, "sync-frequency", s.SyncFrequency.Duration, "Max period between synchronizing running containers and config")
	fs.DurationVar(&s.FileCheckFrequency.Duration, "file-check-frequency", s.FileCheckFrequency.Duration, "Duration between checking config files for new data")
	fs.DurationVar(&s.HTTPCheckFrequency.Duration, "http-check-frequency", s.HTTPCheckFrequency.Duration, "Duration between checking http for new data")
	fs.StringVar(&s.ManifestURL, "manifest-url", s.ManifestURL, "URL for accessing the container manifest")
	fs.StringVar(&s.ManifestURLHeader, "manifest-url-header", s.ManifestURLHeader, "HTTP header to use when accessing the manifest URL, with the key separated from the value with a ':', as in 'key:value'")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.EnableServer, "enable-server", s.EnableServer, "Enable the Kubelet's server")
	fs.Var(componentconfig.IPVar{Val: &s.Address}, "address", "The IP address for the Kubelet to serve on (set to for all interfaces)")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.Port, "port", s.Port, "The port for the Kubelet to serve on.")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.ReadOnlyPort, "read-only-port", s.ReadOnlyPort, "The read-only port for the Kubelet to serve on with no authentication/authorization (set to 0 to disable)")
	fs.StringVar(&s.TLSCertFile, "tls-cert-file", s.TLSCertFile, ""+
		"File containing x509 Certificate for HTTPS.  (CA cert, if any, concatenated after server cert). "+
		"If --tls-cert-file and --tls-private-key-file are not provided, a self-signed certificate and key "+
		"are generated for the public address and saved to the directory passed to --cert-dir.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.TLSPrivateKeyFile, "tls-private-key-file", s.TLSPrivateKeyFile, "File containing x509 private key matching --tls-cert-file.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.CertDirectory, "cert-dir", s.CertDirectory, "The directory where the TLS certs are located (by default /var/run/kubernetes). "+
		"If --tls-cert-file and --tls-private-key-file are provided, this flag will be ignored.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.BootstrapKubeconfig, "experimental-bootstrap-kubeconfig", s.BootstrapKubeconfig, "<Warning: Experimental feature> Path to a kubeconfig file that will be used to get client certificate for kubelet. "+
		"If the file specified by --kubeconfig does not exist, the bootstrap kubeconfig is used to request a client certificate from the API server. "+
		"On success, a kubeconfig file referencing the generated key and obtained certificate is written to the path specified by --kubeconfig. "+
		"The certificate and key file will be stored in the directory pointed by --cert-dir.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.HostnameOverride, "hostname-override", s.HostnameOverride, "If non-empty, will use this string as identification instead of the actual hostname.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.PodInfraContainerImage, "pod-infra-container-image", s.PodInfraContainerImage, "The image whose network/ipc namespaces containers in each pod will use.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.DockerEndpoint, "docker-endpoint", s.DockerEndpoint, "Use this for the docker endpoint to communicate with")
	fs.StringVar(&s.RootDirectory, "root-dir", s.RootDirectory, "Directory path for managing kubelet files (volume mounts,etc).")
	fs.StringVar(&s.SeccompProfileRoot, "seccomp-profile-root", s.SeccompProfileRoot, "Directory path for seccomp profiles.")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.AllowPrivileged, "allow-privileged", s.AllowPrivileged, "If true, allow containers to request privileged mode. [default=false]")
	fs.StringSliceVar(&s.HostNetworkSources, "host-network-sources", s.HostNetworkSources, "Comma-separated list of sources from which the Kubelet allows pods to use of host network. [default=\"*\"]")
	fs.StringSliceVar(&s.HostPIDSources, "host-pid-sources", s.HostPIDSources, "Comma-separated list of sources from which the Kubelet allows pods to use the host pid namespace. [default=\"*\"]")
	fs.StringSliceVar(&s.HostIPCSources, "host-ipc-sources", s.HostIPCSources, "Comma-separated list of sources from which the Kubelet allows pods to use the host ipc namespace. [default=\"*\"]")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.RegistryPullQPS, "registry-qps", s.RegistryPullQPS, "If > 0, limit registry pull QPS to this value.  If 0, unlimited. [default=5.0]")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.RegistryBurst, "registry-burst", s.RegistryBurst, "Maximum size of a bursty pulls, temporarily allows pulls to burst to this number, while still not exceeding registry-qps.  Only used if --registry-qps > 0")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.EventRecordQPS, "event-qps", s.EventRecordQPS, "If > 0, limit event creations per second to this value. If 0, unlimited.")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.EventBurst, "event-burst", s.EventBurst, "Maximum size of a bursty event records, temporarily allows event records to burst to this number, while still not exceeding event-qps. Only used if --event-qps > 0")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.RunOnce, "runonce", s.RunOnce, "If true, exit after spawning pods from local manifests or remote urls. Exclusive with --api-servers, and --enable-server")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.EnableDebuggingHandlers, "enable-debugging-handlers", s.EnableDebuggingHandlers, "Enables server endpoints for log collection and local running of containers and commands")
	fs.DurationVar(&s.MinimumGCAge.Duration, "minimum-container-ttl-duration", s.MinimumGCAge.Duration, "Minimum age for a finished container before it is garbage collected.  Examples: '300ms', '10s' or '2h45m'")
	fs.MarkDeprecated("minimum-container-ttl-duration", "Use --eviction-hard or --eviction-soft instead. Will be removed in a future version.")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.MaxPerPodContainerCount, "maximum-dead-containers-per-container", s.MaxPerPodContainerCount, "Maximum number of old instances to retain per container.  Each container takes up some disk space.  Default: 2.")
	fs.MarkDeprecated("maximum-dead-containers-per-container", "Use --eviction-hard or --eviction-soft instead. Will be removed in a future version.")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.MaxContainerCount, "maximum-dead-containers", s.MaxContainerCount, "Maximum number of old instances of containers to retain globally.  Each container takes up some disk space.  Default: 100.")
	fs.MarkDeprecated("maximum-dead-containers", "Use --eviction-hard or --eviction-soft instead. Will be removed in a future version.")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.CAdvisorPort, "cadvisor-port", s.CAdvisorPort, "The port of the localhost cAdvisor endpoint")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.HealthzPort, "healthz-port", s.HealthzPort, "The port of the localhost healthz endpoint")
	fs.Var(componentconfig.IPVar{Val: &s.HealthzBindAddress}, "healthz-bind-address", "The IP address for the healthz server to serve on, defaulting to (set to for all interfaces)")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.OOMScoreAdj, "oom-score-adj", s.OOMScoreAdj, "The oom-score-adj value for kubelet process. Values must be within the range [-1000, 1000]")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.RegisterNode, "register-node", s.RegisterNode, "Register the node with the apiserver (defaults to true if --api-servers is set)")
	fs.StringVar(&s.ClusterDomain, "cluster-domain", s.ClusterDomain, "Domain for this cluster.  If set, kubelet will configure all containers to search this domain in addition to the host's search domains")
	fs.StringVar(&s.MasterServiceNamespace, "master-service-namespace", s.MasterServiceNamespace, "The namespace from which the kubernetes master services should be injected into pods")
	fs.StringVar(&s.ClusterDNS, "cluster-dns", s.ClusterDNS, "IP address for a cluster DNS server.  This value is used for containers' DNS server in case of Pods with \"dnsPolicy=ClusterFirst\"")
	fs.DurationVar(&s.StreamingConnectionIdleTimeout.Duration, "streaming-connection-idle-timeout", s.StreamingConnectionIdleTimeout.Duration, "Maximum time a streaming connection can be idle before the connection is automatically closed. 0 indicates no timeout. Example: '5m'")
	fs.DurationVar(&s.NodeStatusUpdateFrequency.Duration, "node-status-update-frequency", s.NodeStatusUpdateFrequency.Duration, "Specifies how often kubelet posts node status to master. Note: be cautious when changing the constant, it must work with nodeMonitorGracePeriod in nodecontroller. Default: 10s")
	s.NodeLabels = make(map[string]string)
	bindableNodeLabels := utilconfig.ConfigurationMap(s.NodeLabels)
	fs.Var(&bindableNodeLabels, "node-labels", "<Warning: Alpha feature> Labels to add when registering the node in the cluster.  Labels must be key=value pairs separated by ','.")
	fs.DurationVar(&s.ImageMinimumGCAge.Duration, "minimum-image-ttl-duration", s.ImageMinimumGCAge.Duration, "Minimum age for an unused image before it is garbage collected.  Examples: '300ms', '10s' or '2h45m'. Default: '2m'")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.ImageGCHighThresholdPercent, "image-gc-high-threshold", s.ImageGCHighThresholdPercent, "The percent of disk usage after which image garbage collection is always run. Default: 90%")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.ImageGCLowThresholdPercent, "image-gc-low-threshold", s.ImageGCLowThresholdPercent, "The percent of disk usage before which image garbage collection is never run. Lowest disk usage to garbage collect to. Default: 80%")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.LowDiskSpaceThresholdMB, "low-diskspace-threshold-mb", s.LowDiskSpaceThresholdMB, "The absolute free disk space, in MB, to maintain. When disk space falls below this threshold, new pods would be rejected. Default: 256")
	fs.DurationVar(&s.VolumeStatsAggPeriod.Duration, "volume-stats-agg-period", s.VolumeStatsAggPeriod.Duration, "Specifies interval for kubelet to calculate and cache the volume disk usage for all pods and volumes.  To disable volume calculations, set to 0.  Default: '1m'")
	fs.StringVar(&s.NetworkPluginName, "network-plugin", s.NetworkPluginName, "<Warning: Alpha feature> The name of the network plugin to be invoked for various events in kubelet/pod lifecycle")
	fs.StringVar(&s.NetworkPluginDir, "network-plugin-dir", s.NetworkPluginDir, "<Warning: Alpha feature> The full path of the directory in which to search for network plugins or CNI config")
	fs.StringVar(&s.CNIConfDir, "cni-conf-dir", s.CNIConfDir, "<Warning: Alpha feature> The full path of the directory in which to search for CNI config files. Default: /etc/cni/net.d")
	fs.StringVar(&s.CNIBinDir, "cni-bin-dir", s.CNIBinDir, "<Warning: Alpha feature> The full path of the directory in which to search for CNI plugin binaries. Default: /opt/cni/bin")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.NetworkPluginMTU, "network-plugin-mtu", s.NetworkPluginMTU, "<Warning: Alpha feature> The MTU to be passed to the network plugin, to override the default. Set to 0 to use the default 1460 MTU.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.VolumePluginDir, "volume-plugin-dir", s.VolumePluginDir, "<Warning: Alpha feature> The full path of the directory in which to search for additional third party volume plugins")
	fs.StringVar(&s.CloudProvider, "cloud-provider", s.CloudProvider, "The provider for cloud services. By default, kubelet will attempt to auto-detect the cloud provider. Specify empty string for running with no cloud provider. [default=auto-detect]")
	fs.StringVar(&s.CloudConfigFile, "cloud-config", s.CloudConfigFile, "The path to the cloud provider configuration file.  Empty string for no configuration file.")

	fs.StringVar(&s.KubeletCgroups, "resource-container", s.KubeletCgroups, "Optional absolute name of the resource-only container to create and run the Kubelet in.")
	fs.MarkDeprecated("resource-container", "Use --kubelet-cgroups instead. Will be removed in a future version.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.KubeletCgroups, "kubelet-cgroups", s.KubeletCgroups, "Optional absolute name of cgroups to create and run the Kubelet in.")

	fs.StringVar(&s.SystemCgroups, "system-container", s.SystemCgroups, "Optional resource-only container in which to place all non-kernel processes that are not already in a container. Empty for no container. Rolling back the flag requires a reboot. (Default: \"\").")
	fs.MarkDeprecated("system-container", "Use --system-cgroups instead. Will be removed in a future version.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.SystemCgroups, "system-cgroups", s.SystemCgroups, "Optional absolute name of cgroups in which to place all non-kernel processes that are not already inside a cgroup under `/`. Empty for no container. Rolling back the flag requires a reboot. (Default: \"\").")

	fs.BoolVar(&s.CgroupsPerQOS, "cgroups-per-qos", s.CgroupsPerQOS, "Enable creation of QoS cgroup hierarchy, if true top level QoS and pod cgroups are created.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.CgroupDriver, "cgroup-driver", s.CgroupDriver, "Driver that the kubelet uses to manipulate cgroups on the host.  Possible values: 'cgroupfs', 'systemd'")
	fs.StringVar(&s.CgroupRoot, "cgroup-root", s.CgroupRoot, "Optional root cgroup to use for pods. This is handled by the container runtime on a best effort basis. Default: '', which means use the container runtime default.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.ContainerRuntime, "container-runtime", s.ContainerRuntime, "The container runtime to use. Possible values: 'docker', 'rkt'. Default: 'docker'.")
	fs.DurationVar(&s.RuntimeRequestTimeout.Duration, "runtime-request-timeout", s.RuntimeRequestTimeout.Duration, "Timeout of all runtime requests except long running request - pull, logs, exec and attach. When timeout exceeded, kubelet will cancel the request, throw out an error and retry later. Default: 2m0s")
	fs.StringVar(&s.LockFilePath, "lock-file", s.LockFilePath, "<Warning: Alpha feature> The path to file for kubelet to use as a lock file.")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.ExitOnLockContention, "exit-on-lock-contention", s.ExitOnLockContention, "Whether kubelet should exit upon lock-file contention.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.RktPath, "rkt-path", s.RktPath, "Path of rkt binary. Leave empty to use the first rkt in $PATH.  Only used if --container-runtime='rkt'.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.RktAPIEndpoint, "rkt-api-endpoint", s.RktAPIEndpoint, "The endpoint of the rkt API service to communicate with. Only used if --container-runtime='rkt'.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.RktStage1Image, "rkt-stage1-image", s.RktStage1Image, "image to use as stage1. Local paths and http/https URLs are supported. If empty, the 'stage1.aci' in the same directory as '--rkt-path' will be used.")
	fs.MarkDeprecated("rkt-stage1-image", "Will be removed in a future version. The default stage1 image will be specified by the rkt configurations, see https://github.com/coreos/rkt/blob/master/Documentation/configuration.md for more details.")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.ConfigureCBR0, "configure-cbr0", s.ConfigureCBR0, "If true, kubelet will configure cbr0 based on Node.Spec.PodCIDR.")
	fs.MarkDeprecated("configure-cbr0", "Will be removed in a future version. Please use kubenet or other network plugins.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.HairpinMode, "hairpin-mode", s.HairpinMode, "How should the kubelet setup hairpin NAT. This allows endpoints of a Service to loadbalance back to themselves if they should try to access their own Service. Valid values are \"promiscuous-bridge\", \"hairpin-veth\" and \"none\".")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.BabysitDaemons, "babysit-daemons", s.BabysitDaemons, "If true, the node has babysitter process monitoring docker and kubelet.")
	fs.MarkDeprecated("babysit-daemons", "Will be removed in a future version.")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.MaxPods, "max-pods", s.MaxPods, "Number of Pods that can run on this Kubelet.")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.NvidiaGPUs, "experimental-nvidia-gpus", s.NvidiaGPUs, "Number of NVIDIA GPU devices on this node. Only 0 (default) and 1 are currently supported.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.DockerExecHandlerName, "docker-exec-handler", s.DockerExecHandlerName, "Handler to use when executing a command in a container. Valid values are 'native' and 'nsenter'. Defaults to 'native'.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.NonMasqueradeCIDR, "non-masquerade-cidr", s.NonMasqueradeCIDR, "Traffic to IPs outside this range will use IP masquerade.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.PodCIDR, "pod-cidr", "", "The CIDR to use for pod IP addresses, only used in standalone mode.  In cluster mode, this is obtained from the master.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.ResolverConfig, "resolv-conf", s.ResolverConfig, "Resolver configuration file used as the basis for the container DNS resolution configuration.")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.CPUCFSQuota, "cpu-cfs-quota", s.CPUCFSQuota, "Enable CPU CFS quota enforcement for containers that specify CPU limits")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.EnableControllerAttachDetach, "enable-controller-attach-detach", s.EnableControllerAttachDetach, "Enables the Attach/Detach controller to manage attachment/detachment of volumes scheduled to this node, and disables kubelet from executing any attach/detach operations")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.MakeIPTablesUtilChains, "make-iptables-util-chains", s.MakeIPTablesUtilChains, "If true, kubelet will ensure iptables utility rules are present on host.")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.IPTablesMasqueradeBit, "iptables-masquerade-bit", s.IPTablesMasqueradeBit, "The bit of the fwmark space to mark packets for SNAT. Must be within the range [0, 31]. Please match this parameter with corresponding parameter in kube-proxy.")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.IPTablesDropBit, "iptables-drop-bit", s.IPTablesDropBit, "The bit of the fwmark space to mark packets for dropping. Must be within the range [0, 31].")
	fs.StringSliceVar(&s.AllowedUnsafeSysctls, "experimental-allowed-unsafe-sysctls", s.AllowedUnsafeSysctls, "Comma-separated whitelist of unsafe sysctls or unsafe sysctl patterns (ending in *). Use these at your own risk.")

	// Flags intended for testing, not recommended used in production environments.
	fs.StringVar(&s.RemoteRuntimeEndpoint, "container-runtime-endpoint", s.RemoteRuntimeEndpoint, "The unix socket endpoint of remote runtime service. If not empty, this option will override --container-runtime. This is an experimental feature. Intended for testing only.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.RemoteImageEndpoint, "image-service-endpoint", s.RemoteImageEndpoint, "The unix socket endpoint of remote image service. If not specified, it will be the same with container-runtime-endpoint by default. This is an experimental feature. Intended for testing only.")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.ReallyCrashForTesting, "really-crash-for-testing", s.ReallyCrashForTesting, "If true, when panics occur crash. Intended for testing.")
	fs.Float64Var(&s.ChaosChance, "chaos-chance", s.ChaosChance, "If > 0.0, introduce random client errors and latency. Intended for testing. [default=0.0]")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.Containerized, "containerized", s.Containerized, "Experimental support for running kubelet in a container.  Intended for testing. [default=false]")
	fs.Int64Var(&s.MaxOpenFiles, "max-open-files", s.MaxOpenFiles, "Number of files that can be opened by Kubelet process. [default=1000000]")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.ReconcileCIDR, "reconcile-cidr", s.ReconcileCIDR, "Reconcile node CIDR with the CIDR specified by the API server. No-op if register-node or configure-cbr0 is false. [default=true]")
	fs.Var(&s.SystemReserved, "system-reserved", "A set of ResourceName=ResourceQuantity (e.g. cpu=200m,memory=150G) pairs that describe resources reserved for non-kubernetes components. Currently only cpu and memory are supported. See http://kubernetes.io/docs/user-guide/compute-resources for more detail. [default=none]")
	fs.Var(&s.KubeReserved, "kube-reserved", "A set of ResourceName=ResourceQuantity (e.g. cpu=200m,memory=150G) pairs that describe resources reserved for kubernetes system components. Currently only cpu and memory are supported. See http://kubernetes.io/docs/user-guide/compute-resources for more detail. [default=none]")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.RegisterSchedulable, "register-schedulable", s.RegisterSchedulable, "Register the node as schedulable. No-op if register-node is false. [default=true]")
	fs.StringVar(&s.ContentType, "kube-api-content-type", s.ContentType, "Content type of requests sent to apiserver.")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.KubeAPIQPS, "kube-api-qps", s.KubeAPIQPS, "QPS to use while talking with kubernetes apiserver")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.KubeAPIBurst, "kube-api-burst", s.KubeAPIBurst, "Burst to use while talking with kubernetes apiserver")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.SerializeImagePulls, "serialize-image-pulls", s.SerializeImagePulls, "Pull images one at a time. We recommend *not* changing the default value on nodes that run docker daemon with version < 1.9 or an Aufs storage backend. Issue #10959 has more details. [default=true]")
	fs.DurationVar(&s.OutOfDiskTransitionFrequency.Duration, "outofdisk-transition-frequency", s.OutOfDiskTransitionFrequency.Duration, "Duration for which the kubelet has to wait before transitioning out of out-of-disk node condition status. Default: 5m0s")
	fs.StringVar(&s.NodeIP, "node-ip", s.NodeIP, "IP address of the node. If set, kubelet will use this IP address for the node")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.EnableCustomMetrics, "enable-custom-metrics", s.EnableCustomMetrics, "Support for gathering custom metrics.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.RuntimeCgroups, "runtime-cgroups", s.RuntimeCgroups, "Optional absolute name of cgroups to create and run the runtime in.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.EvictionHard, "eviction-hard", s.EvictionHard, "A set of eviction thresholds (e.g. memory.available<1Gi) that if met would trigger a pod eviction.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.EvictionSoft, "eviction-soft", s.EvictionSoft, "A set of eviction thresholds (e.g. memory.available<1.5Gi) that if met over a corresponding grace period would trigger a pod eviction.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.EvictionSoftGracePeriod, "eviction-soft-grace-period", s.EvictionSoftGracePeriod, "A set of eviction grace periods (e.g. memory.available=1m30s) that correspond to how long a soft eviction threshold must hold before triggering a pod eviction.")
	fs.DurationVar(&s.EvictionPressureTransitionPeriod.Duration, "eviction-pressure-transition-period", s.EvictionPressureTransitionPeriod.Duration, "Duration for which the kubelet has to wait before transitioning out of an eviction pressure condition.")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.EvictionMaxPodGracePeriod, "eviction-max-pod-grace-period", s.EvictionMaxPodGracePeriod, "Maximum allowed grace period (in seconds) to use when terminating pods in response to a soft eviction threshold being met.  If negative, defer to pod specified value.")
	fs.StringVar(&s.EvictionMinimumReclaim, "eviction-minimum-reclaim", s.EvictionMinimumReclaim, "A set of minimum reclaims (e.g. imagefs.available=2Gi) that describes the minimum amount of resource the kubelet will reclaim when performing a pod eviction if that resource is under pressure.")
	fs.Int32Var(&s.PodsPerCore, "pods-per-core", s.PodsPerCore, "Number of Pods per core that can run on this Kubelet. The total number of Pods on this Kubelet cannot exceed max-pods, so max-pods will be used if this calculation results in a larger number of Pods allowed on the Kubelet. A value of 0 disables this limit.")
	fs.BoolVar(&s.ProtectKernelDefaults, "protect-kernel-defaults", s.ProtectKernelDefaults, "Default kubelet behaviour for kernel tuning. If set, kubelet errors if any of kernel tunables is different than kubelet defaults.")

	// Hidden flags for experimental features that are still under development.
	fs.StringVar(&s.ExperimentalRuntimeIntegrationType, "experimental-runtime-integration-type", s.ExperimentalRuntimeIntegrationType, "Choose the integration path for the container runtime (specified via --container-runtime). Currently, this supports only Docker. If set to \"cri\", Kubelet will use interact with docker through the new Container Runtime Interface.")