Example #1
// OnLeftClick triggers a dock left click action on the icon.
func OnLeftClick(icon gldi.Icon, container *gldi.Container, btnState uint) bool {
	switch {
	case icon == nil || !gldi.ObjectIsDock(container):
		log.Debug("notifClickIcon", "ignored: no icon or dock target")
		return notif.AnswerLetPass

	// With shift or ctrl on an icon that is linked to a program => re-launch this program.
	case gdk.ModifierType(btnState)&(gdk.GDK_SHIFT_MASK|gdk.GDK_CONTROL_MASK) > 0:
		if icon.IsLauncher() || icon.IsAppli() || icon.IsStackIcon() {
		return notif.AnswerLetPass

	// scale on an icon holding a class sub-dock (fallback: show all windows).
	case icon.IsMultiAppli() &&
		current.Taskbar.PresentClassOnClick() && // if we want to use this feature
		(!current.Docks.ShowSubDockOnClick() || // if sub-docks are shown on mouse over
			icon.SubDockIsVisible() && // or this sub-dock is already visible
				icon.DesktopPresentClass()): // we use the scale plugin if it's possible


		// in case the dock is visible or about to be visible, hide it, as it would confuse the user to have both.
		// cairo_dock_emit_leave_signal (CAIRO_CONTAINER (icon->pSubDock));
		return notif.AnswerIntercept

		// 	// else handle sub-docks showing on click, applis and launchers (not applets).
		// icon pointing to a sub-dock with either "sub-dock activation on click" option enabled,
		// or sub-dock not visible -> open the sub-dock
	case icon.GetSubDock() != nil && (current.Docks.ShowSubDockOnClick() || !icon.SubDockIsVisible()):
		return notif.AnswerIntercept

		// icon holding an appli, but not being an applet -> show/hide the window.
	case icon.IsAppli() && !icon.IsApplet():

		// ne marche que si le dock est une fenĂȘtre de type 'dock', sinon il prend le focus.
		if icon.Window().IsActive() && current.Taskbar.MinimizeOnClick() && !icon.Window().IsHidden() && icon.Window().IsOnCurrentDesktop() {
		} else {
		return notif.AnswerIntercept

		// icon holding a class sub-dock -> show/hide the windows of the class.
	case icon.IsMultiAppli():
		if current.Docks.ShowSubDockOnClick() {
		return notif.AnswerIntercept

		// finally, launcher being none of the previous cases -> launch the command
	case icon.IsLauncher():
		// 			if (! gldi_class_is_starting (icon->cClass) && ! gldi_icon_is_launching (icon))  {// do not launch it twice (avoid wrong double click) => if we want to launch it 2 times in a row, we have to use Shift + Click

		return notif.AnswerIntercept // wasn't there in real dock.

	// for applets and their sub-icons, let the module-instance handles the click; for separators, no action.
	// 			cd_debug ("no action here");
	return notif.AnswerLetPass