// Fill sets the pixels in the destination image within the specified region to the values in []values.
// The values slice must point to at least chend values, or the number of channels in the
// image, whichever is smaller.
func Fill(dst *ImageBuf, values []float32, opts ...AlgoOpts) error {
	opt := flatAlgoOpts(opts)
	err := checkBufAndROI(dst, opt.ROI)
	if err != nil {
		return err

	c_ptr := (*C.float)(unsafe.Pointer(&values[0]))
	ok := bool(C.fill(dst.ptr, c_ptr, opt.ROI.validOrAllPtr(), C.int(opt.Threads)))
	if !ok {
		return dst.LastError()

	return nil
Exemple #2
func (Cv *Canvas) Fill() {