Exemple #1
// realMain is the real main function for the utility.  It is necessary to work
// around the fact that deferred functions do not run when os.Exit() is called.
func realMain() error {
	// Load configuration and parse command line.
	tcfg, _, err := loadConfig()
	if err != nil {
		return err
	cfg = tcfg

	// Setup logging.
	backendLogger := btclog.NewDefaultBackendLogger()
	defer backendLogger.Flush()
	log = btclog.NewSubsystemLogger(backendLogger, "")
	database.UseLogger(btclog.NewSubsystemLogger(backendLogger, "BCDB: "))
	blockchain.UseLogger(btclog.NewSubsystemLogger(backendLogger, "CHAN: "))

	// Load the block database.
	db, err := loadBlockDB()
	if err != nil {
		log.Errorf("Failed to load database: %v", err)
		return err
	defer db.Close()

	fi, err := os.Open(cfg.InFile)
	if err != nil {
		log.Errorf("Failed to open file %v: %v", cfg.InFile, err)
		return err
	defer fi.Close()

	// Create a block importer for the database and input file and start it.
	// The done channel returned from start will contain an error if
	// anything went wrong.
	importer := newBlockImporter(db, fi)

	// Perform the import asynchronously.  This allows blocks to be
	// processed and read in parallel.  The results channel returned from
	// Import contains the statistics about the import including an error
	// if something went wrong.
	log.Info("Starting import")
	resultsChan := importer.Import()
	results := <-resultsChan
	if results.err != nil {
		log.Errorf("%v", results.err)
		return results.err

	log.Infof("Processed a total of %d blocks (%d imported, %d already "+
		"known)", results.blocksProcessed, results.blocksImported,
	return nil
Exemple #2
// useLogger updates the logger references for subsystemID to logger.  Invalid
// subsystems are ignored.
func useLogger(subsystemID string, logger btclog.Logger) {
	if _, ok := subsystemLoggers[subsystemID]; !ok {
	subsystemLoggers[subsystemID] = logger

	switch subsystemID {
	case "ADXR":
		adxrLog = logger

	case "AMGR":
		amgrLog = logger

	case "BCDB":
		bcdbLog = logger

	case "BMGR":
		bmgrLog = logger

	case "WHCD":
		btcdLog = logger

	case "CHAN":
		chanLog = logger

	case "DISC":
		discLog = logger

	case "MINR":
		minrLog = logger

	case "PEER":
		peerLog = logger

	case "RPCS":
		rpcsLog = logger

	case "SCRP":
		scrpLog = logger

	case "SRVR":
		srvrLog = logger

	case "TXMP":
		txmpLog = logger