Exemple #1
func testAccStepReadUser(t *testing.T, name string) logicaltest.TestStep {
	return logicaltest.TestStep{
		Operation: logical.ReadOperation,
		Path:      "creds/" + name,
		Check: func(resp *logical.Response) error {
			var d struct {
				AccessKey string `mapstructure:"access_key"`
				SecretKey string `mapstructure:"secret_key"`
			if err := mapstructure.Decode(resp.Data, &d); err != nil {
				return err
			log.Printf("[WARN] Generated credentials: %v", d)

			// Sleep sometime because AWS is eventually consistent
			log.Println("[WARN] Sleeping for 10 seconds waiting for AWS...")
			time.Sleep(10 * time.Second)

			// Build a client and verify that the credentials work
			creds := aws.Creds(d.AccessKey, d.SecretKey, "")
			client := ec2.New(creds, "us-east-1", nil)

			log.Printf("[WARN] Verifying that the generated credentials work...")
			_, err := client.DescribeInstances(&ec2.DescribeInstancesRequest{})
			if err != nil {
				return err

			return nil
Exemple #2
// Client configures and returns a fully initailized AWSClient
func (c *Config) Client() (interface{}, error) {
	var client AWSClient

	// Get the auth and region. This can fail if keys/regions were not
	// specified and we're attempting to use the environment.
	var errs []error

	log.Println("[INFO] Building AWS region structure")
	err := c.ValidateRegion()
	if err != nil {
		errs = append(errs, err)

	if len(errs) == 0 {
		// store AWS region in client struct, for region specific operations such as
		// bucket storage in S3
		client.region = c.Region

		log.Println("[INFO] Building AWS auth structure")
		creds := aws.Creds(c.AccessKey, c.SecretKey, c.Token)

		log.Println("[INFO] Initializing ELB connection")
		client.elbconn = elb.New(creds, c.Region, nil)
		log.Println("[INFO] Initializing AutoScaling connection")
		client.autoscalingconn = autoscaling.New(creds, c.Region, nil)
		log.Println("[INFO] Initializing S3 connection")
		client.s3conn = s3.New(creds, c.Region, nil)
		log.Println("[INFO] Initializing RDS connection")
		client.rdsconn = rds.New(creds, c.Region, nil)

		// aws-sdk-go uses v4 for signing requests, which requires all global
		// endpoints to use 'us-east-1'.
		// See http://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/sigv4_changes.html
		log.Println("[INFO] Initializing Route53 connection")
		client.r53conn = route53.New(creds, "us-east-1", nil)
		log.Println("[INFO] Initializing EC2 Connection")
		client.ec2conn = ec2.New(creds, c.Region, nil)

		client.iamconn = iam.New(creds, c.Region, nil)

	if len(errs) > 0 {
		return nil, &multierror.Error{Errors: errs}

	return &client, nil