Esempio n. 1
func trimEventPrefix(ev *store.Event, prefix string) *store.Event {
	if ev == nil {
		return nil
	// Since the *Event may reference one in the store history
	// history, we must copy it before modifying
	e := ev.Clone()
	e.Node = trimNodeExternPrefix(e.Node, prefix)
	e.PrevNode = trimNodeExternPrefix(e.PrevNode, prefix)
	return e
Esempio n. 2
// writeKeyEvent trims the prefix of key path in a single Event under
// StoreKeysPrefix, serializes it and writes the resulting JSON to the given
// ResponseWriter, along with the appropriate headers.
func writeKeyEvent(w http.ResponseWriter, ev *store.Event, rt etcdserver.RaftTimer) error {
	if ev == nil {
		return errors.New("cannot write empty Event!")
	w.Header().Set("Content-Type", "application/json")
	w.Header().Set("X-Etcd-Index", fmt.Sprint(ev.EtcdIndex))
	w.Header().Set("X-Raft-Index", fmt.Sprint(rt.Index()))
	w.Header().Set("X-Raft-Term", fmt.Sprint(rt.Term()))

	if ev.IsCreated() {

	ev = trimEventPrefix(ev, etcdserver.StoreKeysPrefix)
	return json.NewEncoder(w).Encode(ev)