Exemplo n.º 1
// writeStateAgentConfig creates and writes a state agent config.
func writeStateAgentConfig(c *gc.C, stateInfo *state.Info, dataDir, tag, password string, vers version.Binary) agent.ConfigSetterWriter {
	port := coretesting.FindTCPPort()
	apiAddr := []string{fmt.Sprintf("localhost:%d", port)}
	conf, err := agent.NewStateMachineConfig(
			DataDir:           dataDir,
			Tag:               tag,
			UpgradedToVersion: vers.Number,
			Password:          password,
			Nonce:             state.BootstrapNonce,
			StateAddresses:    stateInfo.Addrs,
			APIAddresses:      apiAddr,
			CACert:            stateInfo.CACert,
			Cert:       coretesting.ServerCert,
			PrivateKey: coretesting.ServerKey,
			StatePort:  coretesting.MgoServer.Port(),
			APIPort:    port,
	c.Assert(err, gc.IsNil)
	c.Assert(conf.Write(), gc.IsNil)
	return conf
Exemplo n.º 2
func (s *BootstrapSuite) initBootstrapCommand(c *gc.C, jobs []params.MachineJob, args ...string) (machineConf agent.ConfigSetterWriter, cmd *BootstrapCommand, err error) {
	if len(jobs) == 0 {
		// Add default jobs.
		jobs = []params.MachineJob{
			params.JobManageEnviron, params.JobHostUnits,
	// NOTE: the old test used an equivalent of the NewAgentConfig, but it
	// really should be using NewStateMachineConfig.
	agentParams := agent.AgentConfigParams{
		LogDir:            s.logDir,
		DataDir:           s.dataDir,
		Jobs:              jobs,
		Tag:               "machine-0",
		UpgradedToVersion: version.Current.Number,
		Password:          testPasswordHash(),
		Nonce:             state.BootstrapNonce,
		StateAddresses:    []string{testing.MgoServer.Addr()},
		APIAddresses:      []string{""},
		CACert:            testing.CACert,
		Values:            map[string]string{agent.Namespace: "foobar"},
	servingInfo := params.StateServingInfo{
		Cert:       "some cert",
		PrivateKey: "some key",
		APIPort:    3737,
		StatePort:  testing.MgoServer.Port(),

	machineConf, err = agent.NewStateMachineConfig(agentParams, servingInfo)
	c.Assert(err, gc.IsNil)
	err = machineConf.Write()
	c.Assert(err, gc.IsNil)

	cmd = &BootstrapCommand{}

	err = testing.InitCommand(cmd, append([]string{"--data-dir", s.dataDir}, args...))
	return machineConf, cmd, err