Exemplo n.º 1
func assertAccount(t *testing.T, c test, data string) account.Account {
	var acc account.DefaultAccount
	require.Nil(t, json.Unmarshal([]byte(data), &acc))
	assert.Equal(t, c.payload.Email, acc.Email)
	assert.Equal(t, c.payload.Data, acc.Data)
	assert.Empty(t, acc.Password)
	return &acc
Exemplo n.º 2
func TestClaimsCarrier(t *testing.T) {
	for k, c := range []struct {
		id        string
		issuer    string
		subject   string
		audience  string
		notBefore time.Time
		issuedAt  time.Time
		{uuid.New(), "hydra", "peter", "app", time.Now(), time.Now()},
	} {
		carrier := NewClaimsCarrier(c.id, c.issuer, c.subject, c.audience, c.notBefore, c.issuedAt)
		assert.Equal(t, c.id, carrier.GetID(), "Case %d", k)
		assert.Equal(t, c.issuer, carrier.GetIssuer(), "Case %d", k)
		assert.Equal(t, c.subject, carrier.GetSubject(), "Case %d", k)
		assert.Equal(t, c.audience, carrier.GetAudience(), "Case %d", k)
		assert.Equal(t, c.notBefore, carrier.GetNotBefore(), "Case %d", k)
		assert.Equal(t, c.issuedAt, carrier.GetIssuedAt(), "Case %d", k)
		assert.Empty(t, carrier.getAsString("doesnotexist"), "Case %d", k)
		assert.Equal(t, time.Time{}, carrier.getAsTime("doesnotexist"), "Case %d", k)
		assert.NotEmpty(t, carrier.String(), "Case %d", k)
Exemplo n.º 3
// Empty asserts that the specified object is empty.  I.e. nil, "", false, 0 or either
// a slice or a channel with len == 0.
// require.Empty(t, obj)
func Empty(t TestingT, object interface{}, msgAndArgs ...interface{}) {
	if !assert.Empty(t, object, msgAndArgs...) {