Beispiel #1
func (s Sound) SetMinDistance(dist float64) {
	C.sfSound_setMinDistance(s.internal, C.float(dist))
Beispiel #2
// \brief Set the minimum distance of a sound
// The "minimum distance" of a sound is the maximum
// distance at which it is heard at its maximum volume. Further
// than the minimum distance, it will start to fade out according
// to its attenuation factor. A value of 0 ("inside the head
// of the listener") is an invalid value and is forbidden.
// The default value of the minimum distance is 1.
// \param sound    Sound object
// \param distance New minimum distance of the sound
// void sfSound_setMinDistance(sfSound* sound, float distance);
func (self Sound) SetMinDistance(distance float32) {
	C.sfSound_setMinDistance(self.Cref, C.float(distance))