// When a test is skipped or fails, runtime.Goexit() is called which destroys the callstack.
// This means the name of the test case is lost, so we need to grab a copy of pc before.
func Report(t testing.TB) {
	// If the goroutine panics, Fatal()s, or Skip()s, the function name is at the 3rd callstack
	// layer.  On success, its at 1st.  Since it's hard to check which happened, just try both.
	pcs := make([]uintptr, 10)
	total := runtime.Callers(1, pcs)
	var name string
	for _, pc := range pcs[:total] {
		fn := runtime.FuncForPC(pc)
		fullName := fn.Name()
		if strings.HasPrefix(path.Ext(fullName), ".Test") {
			// Skip the leading .
			name = string([]byte(path.Ext(fullName))[1:])
	if name == "" {

	defer allCaseInfos.lock.Unlock()
	allCaseInfos.Cases = append(allCaseInfos.Cases, &caseInfo{
		Name:    name,
		Passed:  !t.Failed() && !t.Skipped(),
		Skipped: t.Skipped(),
		Fatal:   t.Failed() && !strings.HasPrefix(name, "TestSoon"),